Century Arms Micro Draco Pistol Semi Automatic Handgun


Specifications and Features:
Century Arms Micro Draco Semi Automatic Pistol HG2797-N
6.25″ Barrel
1:10″ Twist Rate
14×1 Left Hand Barrel Thread Pitch
Stamped Receiver
30 Round Magazine
Accepts all standard double stacked AK magazines
Synthetic Pistol Grip
Wood Fore Grip
Standard Flash Hider
Top Cover with Rear Sight
Standard AK style Safety Lever
Fixed Front Sight Base
Drift Adjustable Front Sight (AK Style)
Overall Length 14.50″
Overall Weight 4.85 Pounds
Matte Black Finish


Century Arms Micro Draco Pistol Semi Automatic

If you’re looking for a great little AK style handgun check out this Micro Draco Pistol from Century Arms! It’s a well built little import known for its performance and durability. This gun is a lot of fun for plinking around and target shooting. The more daring and adventurous may want to try the Micro Draco out for some uncomfortably close range hog hunting! What ever your target the Micro Draco will instantly make it much more fun and memorable.